Corporate Profile

1954 Founding

$8.053 Billion NTD Capital

2,400 Employees

40+ Available Models Worldwide

$1 Billion USD Annual Sales Worldwide

92 Global Distributors
About SYM

Company Profile

Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd. founded in 1954, is the sole international enterprise in Taiwan that manufactures both motorcycles and automobiles. In 1962, SYM formed a joint venture with Honda to begin local assembly of motorcycles, the first motorcycle manufacturer in Taiwan. In 1969, the joint venture with Honda expanded to Honda cars assembly, included world famous cars such as Honda Civic and Accord.

For more than half a century, Sanyang has established extensive marketing channels, strong alliances with world-leading institutions, as well as a reservoir of loyal customers and managing talents and has underpinned her growth on these foundations. In the era where hyper competition is a norm, the Company blueprints her expansion with innovation, excellence and commitment to dedicate to the society, as well as through rooting deep in Taiwan and utilizing global division of labor at the same time. On the execution level, Sanyang applies the most advanced R&D skills on motorcycle design and production, manufactures products that exceed customers’ expectations, expands overseas markets and lays out a structure of “taking orders in Taiwan, manufacturing multi-nationally and distributing throughout the world” to enable SYM, the Sanyang brand, to obtain universal renown. Coupling the ability of making sophisticated and high quality engines with the strength in integrating design and development of motorcycles, Sanyang also engages in other motor-related and diversified products manufacturing. Today, the annual sales revenue of the company exceeds 1 Billion US dollars and it produces more than 1,000,000 units of motorcycles and 35,000 automobiles per year.

In the automobile business, Sanyang allies with Hyundai and successfully makes it a household auto brand in Taiwan. Strengthening Hyundai’s brand, selling Hyundai products through Sanyang’s marketing channels and providing Hyundai worldwide with great quality components and parts have made Sanyang an important partner to Hyundai in its global strategy.“To be an enterprise needed by the society” is the motif on which Sanyang was founded. The Company actively initiates and participates in community and social activities of culture, education, environmental protection and other philanthropies as a mean to make every society Sanyang presents a better place.

In the future, SYM, as a global company, will proactively expand overseas motorcycle markets and develop a rich and complete global network of R&D, production, marketing and service system in order to become one of the most renowned motorcycle brands worldwide.

Founding Date: September 14th, 1961.
Its predecessor,Sanyang Electric Machinery Plant,was founded in 1954.

No.3, Jhonghua Rd., Hukou Township, Hsinchu County 303,Taiwan Map
TEL: +886-3-5981911

Capital: 8.053 billion NTD
Stock Symbol: No: 2206 on Taiwan Stock Exchange.
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Number of Employees: Around 2400 Employees
Main Products: Automobiles, Motorcycles, Mobile Products and Parts/Accessories, Molds and so forth.
Overseas Subsidiaries Vietnam China Italy Germany
Business Focus

Sanyang is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment for motorcycles and automobiles production such as welding lines, paint shops, injection molding machines, the warehouse management system and automatic production lines for crankshafts, camshafts, cylinders, gears, transmission and other parts. Moreover, the Award of Excellence from the Total Product Management (TPM) acknowledges that Sanyang executes her self-reliant maintenance on all equipment in a highly disciplined manner and through these well-maintained and high-precision equipment, Sanyang is able to ensure the best quality of products.

Sanyang has her own engineering division, a professional plant capable of designing and manufacturing molds and jigs. While the Engineering Division provides molds and jigs to Sanyang, it also exports various self-developed machines, large-sized molds and jigs, as well as professional services related to prototype parts processing to major auto markets around the globe.


SYM is the brand that embodies Sanyang’s insistence on human touch and product quality.

The Company has been listening to the needs of customers, utilizing professionalism and advanced technologies to realize her dream of ideal riding experience. Sanyang will never compromise her brand promise, “Marvelous Technology and Marvelous Life”, nor will she forsake the commitment that customers will see her increasingly refined products and services in every step she takes.

Taiwan Hyundai

Taiwan Hyundai
Hyundai Motor Company, since its inception in 1967, has been working hard to compete with the best auto brands in the world. With its tireless efforts and hard works, Hyundai has gained a well-deserved reputation internationally and established many advanced R&D centers and production bases around the world.

In the meantime, under the commitment of its brand “Drive Your Way”, Hyundai prioritizes quality assurance and brand advantage before other values on its way to the future. Already a leading automaker in the world, Hyundai is striding towards its ideal of “Creating a Car that Brings Dream and Happiness”. Being a strategic partner of Hyundai’s international operations, Sanyang has been utilizing her superb manufacturing technology, pursuing flawless quality in a persistent way and offering a highly competitive price structure to further build up each car’s competitiveness, to demonstrate Hyundai’s dynamic and innovative craftsmanship in car building and to win customers’ hearts.

Xiamen King Long - China

Xiamen King Long - China
Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry builds its brand on the foundation of “Technology, Service, and Quality”.

King Long products are not only deemed “the Country Cars” in China, but also selected by the World Brand Laboratory as one of China`s Most Valuable Brands. Sanyang started to invest Xiamen King Long in 2004 to maximize the synergy effects of her own manufacturing abilaity and King Long`s brand advantage. The manufacturing of Taiwan-made King Long buses in Sanyang`s Guanyin plant started in 2007.


The Engineering Division of Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd. is a professional designer and maker of various molds and machinery.? With more than 45-year experience in this field, the Division has earned its reputation for both quality and expertise, and is happy to extend its cutting-edge technology and services to the customers for better products and competitiveness.

Three Main Categories of Products offered by the Division:

For most efficient services, the Engineering Division offers One Stop Shopping to its customers and is able to present all kinds of molds and machinery desired by the customers according to the drawing(s) provided.

The Engineering Division of Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd. is the only provider in Taiwan who is able to provide Total Solution to both motorcycle and automobile suppliers with experienced and professional assistance.

Passion in R&D

Passion in R&D R&D Philosophy
Based on the principles of green earth, humanity, and knowledge economy, SYM R&D demonstrates new energy to the world and strives for everlasting innovation.

R&D Vision
Establish excellent R&D technologies and become leading R&D base in motor vehicle industry, and to provide products favored by customers.


R & D Center Future Prospects

R&D Highlights
R&D Highlights
SYM Innovations

Sanyang R&D Center, Taiwan’s most all-around R&D center founded in 1978, possesses independent ability of R&D and design in the realm of motor vehicles. From the “Steadite” alloy cylinder, four-valve engine, ceramic cylinder, electronic fuel injection system (EFI) to the swirl tumble control system (S.T.C.S), Sanyang R&D has demonstrated a solid grasp of technology, human perspective and sharp sense of trends by way of dedicating all its energy to innovation and aspiration to bring more advanced products to customers around the globe. Sanyang R&D is the first in the world to make a breakthrough in production process and acquire the ability to apply EFI system and ceramic cylinder, which had been used only on racing cars, to all lines of products. Sanyang products with EFI system were also the first to be recognized by the R.O.C. government as the “Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicles” (SULEV).