Citycom S 300i Reviews

Citycom Review  

Review of the 2013 SYM CityCom 300i

The 2009 CityCom was an impressive machine so far as build quality goes and the 2013 version is just as good if not a touch better. The 2013 version is available in white, red, grey and dark grey or what SYM calls flat black. It's the grey version that I rode. The quality of the paint was excellent. Fit of the body panels is outstanding. Every component appears to be a high quality and very well put together. As I've said many times previously, good scooters out of Taiwan are as good as scooters from anyplace in the world...

Citycom Review  

SYM Citycom 300i...WOW LOL By Bashan

This thing is fast, not kinda fast for a scooter, it's fast. There's a push backwards in the seat when you open the throttle that doesn't let up until you let loose of the go handle. But it's so eerily smooth and quiet you better keep an eyeball on that speedo...