SYM Sponsors Grand Riders Event in Taiwan

SYM Taiwan, key sponsors of the Grand Riders 2012 Event, provide our American riders with new 250cc scooters for the 8 day ride and event. 

The history about the event - Grand Riders 

In November of 2007, 17 expectant riders balanced their aging bodies over their two-wheeled vehicles and bravely set out on an adventure that many riders half their age would be wary of undertaking. They had ignored many who told them they could not do it and likely would not survive. The skeptics weren’t referring to traffic accidents, either: Some of the riders had cancer or degenerative heart disease, and all of them suffered from arthritis. Some believed that the only reason they were still alive was due to their daily intake of prescription drugs! Yet they all whipped themselves into sufficient shape to take the trip, many following a holistic regimen.

The event also featured in the Taiwan's TV commercial: 

Watch the Grand Riders Event 2012 Video and visit the American Grand Riders on Facebook: