SYM Launches 2013 Citycom 300i and RV 200 EVO

SYM today unveiled two new 2012 models, including the first fuel injection model - 2013 Citycom 300i and all new 2013 RV200 EVO. 

Citycom 300i is a top high-wheel and fuel injection powered cruiser that conquers all road conditions in and out the city. It is a dream model that matches your convenient and fashionable style. The luggage box is big enough to fit in 2 helmets. The 16 inch tire offers the best enjoyment and stability when shuttling around the city. The sporty dual-headlight is not only eye-catching in design but also provides better visibility for safety concerns. 

RV 200 EVO, a light-weight cruiser, comes in elegant styling with a strong and powerful heart. Driving it in the traffic will bring you absolutely brand new enjoyment. A long-haul ride will never be a problem because RV is equipped with a wide and extended seat which provdides excellent comfort. Flat floor panel will offer wide space for placing personal items or a soothing room for the driver. Also the remarkable front and rear disc-brake system ensures the maximum safety. 

The 2013 Citycom 300i and RV 200 are developed and manufactured by SYM in Taiwan. For more information, please visit your local SYM dealers, or stay tuned for our special pages for both models in the late October 2012.

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