SYM is proud to present the new Maxsym concept at EICMA 2015

SYM is proud to present the brand new Maxsym concept scooter specifically for EICMA 2015; a concept vehicle with cutting edge exterior design to challenge today’s scooter market. SYM is started from the Wolf series models, by transforming the spirit of Wolf bike into Wolf scooter and with more progressive and athletic design, SYM redefines the agility and aggressiveness of the Wolf scooter.

In terms of design, the headstock resembles the ferocious expression before wolfs attack; the headlight reflects the rigorous look; the headlight eyebrow echoes the eyes; the corrugated layers of visor symbolize the erected wolf fur; the turning signal lights mirror the wolf’s ears; the spoiler signifies the wolf mane, blowing by the wind. The aluminum alloy trellis frame design not only demonstrates the element of bikes, but also permits better handling. The eye-catching aurora blue of the scooter also implies the wolf running on the snowfield.

Despite the futuristic exterior designs, Maxsym concept scooter guarantees the rider the best handling and comfort riding experience, abundant and unimaginable dynamic performance, taking suspensions from bikes into scooters, and eco-friendly lights designs. Maxsym concept scooter is a machine that combines the elements of bikes, a perfect balance between interior and exterior, and equally appealing in motion and static mode. Maxsym concept scooter is a revolutionary model with progressiveness and sportiness.

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