SYM Introducing the all new 2016 Fiddle III


The SYM Fiddle stands out as a big seller worldwide thanks to its modern design and remarkable value for money in terms of initial purchase price, low operating costs and thrifty fuel efficiency. 

Now the new generation of 2016 Fiddle III arrives. The 169cc fuel injection engine is even more efficient than before, and a larger 1.71-gallon fuel tank helps give it greater range between fill-ups too. The 2016 Fiddle III also gets a new look and increased comfort and convenience features, including new seating for rider and passenger comfort. Stylish LED daytime running light add a trendsetting touch, and CBS-Combined Braking System for safety. With a light curb weight of 266 pounds, a nimble 52.36-inch wheelbase and a low 29.5-inch seat height, the 2016 Fiddle III serves as an easygoing ride that adds a big element of fun to the day 's travels.


New for 2016