SYM Fiddle III 200i Reviewed by Just Gotta Scoot




The Fiddle III started easily and ran smoothly during our testing. Acceleration off the line is about what one would expect from this class of scooter. The top end of 62ish MPH that I saw was pretty good compared with others of similar configuration. Mid-range and roll-on acceleration was adequate - responsive but not jarring. Braking and handling on the Fiddle III are solid. With disc brakes front and SYM Fiddle III Wheels and Brakes rear and SYM's CBS (Combined Braking System) I found slowing things down to be easy and non-dramatic. I didn't find the brakes to be too touchy or "overly strong" as can happen on some scooters. Handling was predictable and fairly quick. Twelve inch wheels don't take to turning inputs as fast as ten inch wheels, but changing direction is more than quick enough and more stable than it would be on smaller rims.


The fuel injected Fiddle III offers up a lot to like in a retro-themed mid-sized scooter. SYM continues to creep its way into the sweet spot of available scooters in North America and the past unpleasantness with the prior distributor has all but disappeared from public memory. Dealer support, parts availability, warranty, all are competing well with more established players. Value for the dollar on scooters like the Fiddle III is high and if you're shopping for a mid-sized scooter you would be well-advised to visit your local SYM dealer and take a close look at the Fiddle III...



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