Review - Wolf Classic 150 : Back To My Youth!

When you consider the price point, I think the little SYM makes perfect sense for an around-town vehicle. The claimed 85MPG is not to be sniffed at, and it would make the perfect alternative to somebody who is wanting most of the benefits of a smaller scooter with some classic styling and “wow” factor built in. 

Where I think this bike would really shine, though, is as a learner bike – a starter bike, or for those going through life with a less-than-generous inseam. If I was equipping a motorcycle school, this little gem would be right at the top of the list! 

Of course, it will also appeal to those of us who “cut our teeth” on this kind of machine in our teenage years, and would like to be reminded of simpler times when our biggest worry was whether we could afford the few notes it took for a full week’s worth of freedom and fun.

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