Review - SF First Ride Experience: SymWolf Classic 150

The SYM Wolf Classic 150 is as charming to ride as it is to look at. When you’re considering one of the smallest displacement motorcycles currently for sale in the USA, there isn’t much to compare it too. It simply is what it is. It’s got just enough authentic retro styling. It’s got just enough cafe racer good looks. It’s got just enough power. It’s comfortable enough. It stops well enough. It handles well. It’s, well, enough. 

However, in the grand scheme of motorcycles, its appeal is limited. At this price range, there’s a plethora of old Honda CB200s or CB350s that could deliver that extra bit of real world performance the Wolf just doesn’t have. That said, where I think the Wolf could really shine is for scooterists who are looking for an approachable, classic-looking first motorcycle, but who aren’t interested in the mechanical involvement of a vintage bike. For someone just looking to get his or her feet wet in motorcycling, I think your ride is here. 

The Wolf feels more like a scooter than any other (even small) motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. While not expressly powerful, the engine has a good amount of torque, which would make learning to operate the clutch and gears all the more easy. There’s not enough power to even remotely “get you into trouble” and the bike’s forgiving character could easily make a motorcycle lover out of many a scooterist. 

Thanks to its large wheels and greater range of gearing, the Wolf also opens up faster roads that many scooters might not comfortably travel. As I think back to all the things that scared me (as a scooterist) about riding a motorcycle, the Wolf makes molehills out of each of those mountains. And at a reported 80 mpg, maybe it really is the best of both worlds.

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